Visit us at 31st AAHAR International Food and Hospitality Fair between 15 and 19th March,2016 at Stall No. 12-G in Hall 18 U.

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  Indian Foodtech Limited


Elaborate Meals, Quality Food Manufacturer, Healthy Food

As an eminent Healthy and quality food Manufacturer, we have earned huge praise from the marketplace. Our eating habits have changed dramatically during the years. From being simply a source of energy, it is today a sensory, cultural and social phenomenon. As well as providing enjoyment, we now want food to enhance our health and well being. Furthermore, many of us are no longer willing to spend scarce leisure time preparing Elaborate Meals. Our food has to be quick and convenient to prepare, as well as healthy and tasty. Finally, we expect our food to be reasonably priced. In short, our food has to be tasty, safe, cheap, healthy, available all year round, "as natural as possible", varied, and sometimes elegant or exotic. Making all this possible are IFL’s most modern machines which makes food a sheer pleasure and delight. Above all, we make sure to implement all the relevant quality parameters while processing to suffice the needs of clients.

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