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  Indian Foodtech Limited

Environmental Protection & Sustainability

For Indian Foodtech Ltd., sustainability means acting in a socially responsible manner in all its business areas and striving to ensure the prudent use of nature’s resources. Our actions and decisions are taken with respect for nature and the environment. Our products are natural in origin and are developed and produced on the basis of the latest environmental research. They are bio-degradable and environment friendly. The health and safety of the workforce are a key priority of our operational policies and procedures. As a company which transforms agricultural raw materials into high quality products, Indian Foodtech Ltd attaches great importance to the efficient use of natural resources along the entire value chain.

All of Indian Foodtech Ltd investments are made in the spirit of a sustainability–oriented corporate strategy. This means:

Quality management and assurance- Trace-ability of all industrial processes, and the comprehensive certification of products.

Ongoing improvements in energy efficiency and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as savings in the area of transport, production and packaging.

Contributions to reducing environment damaging emissions.

Advisory services provided to agricultural partners in regards to optimal irrigation and the use of fertilizers.

Constant improvement of production facilities in terms of safety, ecological compatibility and the prudent use of natural resources.

Indian Foodtech Ltd. is aware of its responsibility to the current and future generations.

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